Let’s Talk Sports Bras December 17, 2014 17:02

  • Let’s Talk Bras

    Let’s Talk Bras is back with an October Sports Bra edition.

    We’ve all been there at some point or another where we are completely lost with our sports bras. It’s hard enough finding a day-to-day bra that gives your tatas the coverage and support you need let alone a sports bra.  In a sports bra most women request the need for maximum control, comfort, support, and straps wide enough to hold down the ladies from knocking you out in the third round of your body pump circuit.

    Before you get loads of information on the sports bras I carry, here is a brief review on the history of sports bras for those of you who have zero clues as to why we don’t just tape ourselves down even though we all secretly wish we could.  Thanks to http://www.ladiesonlysports.com/sports-bra-history/ for the awesome timeline of the Major Moments in Sports Bra History. Click the link for the full report.

    • A.D. 300 Roman mosaics in a villa near the Sicilian town of Piazza Armerina depict women exercising with bound breasts.
    • 1906 American inventor Laura Blanche Lyon secures a patent for the bust supporter, a back-fastened canvas camisole with gathered cups now regarded as the first sports bra.
    • 1917 American artist Ethel Quirk invents a breast supporter intended for theatrical, acrobatic dancing.
    • 1972 Title IX of the Educational Amendments bans sex discrimination in schools, including unequal athletic opportunities.
    • 1977 Lisa Lindahl, Polly Smith, and Hinda Schreiber stitch two jockstraps together to create the Jogbra, the first modern sports bra.
    • 1982 Jane Fonda’s Workout video launches the aerobic dancing craze and inspires millions of women to jump around in front of their TV’s sporting shimmery, gem-hued Lycra tanks.
    • 1984 In Los Angeles 27-year-old Joan Benoit wins the first-ever women’s Olympic marathon with her lingerie-style bra strap showing as she completes her closing lap, an indiscretion that caused an uproar load enough to upstage her athletic achievement.
    • 1988 Montana hairstylist Renelle Braaten constructs a front-fastening sports bra designed especially for large-breasted women.
    • 1999 Soccer player Brandi Chastain celebrates her team’s World Cup victory by stripping off her jersey and revealing her black Nike sports bra, which ignites inexplicable furor in a nation mesmerized by Baywatch. Others, however, see this as the moment when female athletes come out of the locker room to declare breasts as symbols of power and proficiency rather than impediments.
    • 2000 Champion responds to women’s complaints that sports bras flattened and de-feminized their bust lines by introducing the Shaper bra, which uses a unique nonfoam spacer fabric to maintain women’s curves without compromising performance.
    • 2003 Seamless sports bras virtually eliminate chafing and end the practice among distance athletes of covering themselves in Vaseline to prevent painful abrasions.
    • 2007 High-tech fabrics improve bras’ moisture management: Champion’s Vapor sports bra features Cocona, a superwicking, odor-squelching new material made from coconut shells.

    I ran my first marathon in 2011 after having my second son. My husband literally thought I was out of my mind when I announced to him I was going to train for my first half marathon. Up until that point I had never even ran around the block. My youngest was one and a half and I was still breastfeeding at the time.  Keep in mind there was no “Bra Chick” around. I simply went to Sports Authority and bought a couple of pull over Champion sports bras in a size large. So I was set for training. I was pushing a DD at that time from the breast feeding. I needed a bra that offered support, comfort, and easy access that allowed me to nurse. I wish I would have known about the pull over sport nursing bra by Le Leche League at that time. Take note you mommies out there that nurse and still hit the gym or pavement. This bra is available in Small-3XL and in colors white, grey, and black and retails for $32. La Leche also donates a portion of their proceeds to breastfeeding mothers and babies worldwide. Visit them at www.llli.org for more information.


    So here I am again training for a race in December. I am hitting the pavement weekly and sometimes daily in hopes that I can run my best time at the San Antonio Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon. After breast feeding my last child I am now a member of the itty-bitty-titty committee. Those double D days are just faint memories. Now I am 34C/36B, yes ladies you can wear different sizes. It’s all in the make, shape, cut, and style of the bra. B, C, D, or double D I will need a sports bra that provides maximum support and control while I train for the next few months.

    For the ladies not nursing or preparing to nurse here is the “Run Down” on the Anita sports bras. Recently I was able to give it a trial run too (literally). The Anita sports bra I have been running in has given me support, breathing room with the moisture-wicking terry cloth cups, and most of all comfort. After running in pull over bras and switching to the Anita it has been like night and day! I have said buh bye to the “Uni-Boob” and spillage. Anita “Runs” in cup sizes A-H and band sizes 30-46 in various styles with the average price point of $69. It gives me the actual support of a bra, and I don’t feel like I am being smashed down.


    My handy assistant wears a 38D and swears by the Anita Maximum Support Extreme Control. She struggled during her time playing college softball with having to wear two bras saying, “It was hard running bases, sprints, and going on team runs without having aching boobs after. It was worse when the movement of my boobs was nonstop. I hated feeling like I was getting slapped in the face and I’m only a D cup”!  The Maximum Support (Style #5527) is an unlined wire-free sports bra that has seamed double-layer molded cups. The front straps are wide to help keep comfort and support. The sports bra is back adjustable with a close set 3 columns, 3 row hook and eye back closure.  Those bad boy straps were not going anywhere the night my assistant decided to run in the Anita bra. She said, “I was comfortable in it the entire time. I seriously felt like I had boobs. It was nice to still look feminine in a sports bra and not have a uni-boob or spillage from the sides or back of my bra. I also didn’t have to worry about being slapped around. My chest felt like it was secure and comfortable at the same time. Where was this bra when I was in college”?

    When thinking about bra comfort for my clients another bestselling sports bra comes to mind the Natori Power Yogi. It provides full coverage cups and rigid comfort straps that hold you in to eliminate bounce. The coolmax outer fabric keeps you cool and dry and the ultra-light stretch foam offers complete containment.  This is an ideal sports bra for high impact sports. The outer cup is finished with a center seam to give a natural shape. The back strap elastic pockets provide maximum adjustability and lay flat against the body.  The bra also has convertible straps that can be worn regular or crossed for added support and wardrobe versatility.  The sports bra is available in two color combinations white and grey, and grey and black. They retail for $64.


    So there was the 3 mile “Run Down” on some of the best sports bras on the market in my opinion. I hope I have provided you with enough information that you are no longer lost when looking for the right sports bra. Comfort and control is the Natori Power Yogi. Maximum support and breathing room is the Anita sports bras. And for the nursing mamas the Le Leche League has got you covered.