Le Mystere

The Bra Chick has and is still a big fan of this line.  Consider this line as a staple.  What items do you normally find as staples on a grocery list?  Bread, milk, and eggs I'm guessing.  If you had a bra list, and t-shirt bra was on that list, then Le Mystere should definitely be on that list.  Oprah seems to think so.  About nine or so years ago, Oprah dubbed the "Tisha" Bra is a favorite.  To this day it is still called the Oprah Bra.

Bra Chick Pick:  Tisha "955" and Dream Tisha "9955" a.k.a. The Oprah Bra.  Best t-shirt bra you will ever wear.  Fabulous fit,  and extensive size ranges.