Elila Lace Strapless Longline Bra 6621

$ 65.00

Elila Lace Strapless Longline Bra 6621. Elila considers the full figure woman. This is why Elila creates bras and panties that offer support, control and comfort everyday for full figure women. Lace fabric combined with one-way stretch back elastic, spiral and metal boning creates a comfortable yet supportive garment. The simplex fabric molds to the body. You get a rounded shape while still getting maximum support from the cups. Covered bottom band offers more control and a cleaner appearance. Spiral bones on back increases mobility. The specially engineered wire gives firm support without restricting movement. Strap tabs are hidden so they wont show under clothing. Longline can be worn with or without the straps. Great longline bra that can be worn all day and night.