Wick 'Ems Moisture Management Bra Liner 5548

$ 30.00

Constructed from the same high-tech moisture management fabric used for athletic sportswear. This bra liner will keep you dry and comfortable under your everyday bras.

Designed to absorb moisture and prevent skin irritation the Wick'em Bra Liner pulls perspiration away from your skin and into the cotton fill. Not only will it save you from unsightly wet spots, but the liner creates a cushion between you and your bra band for a comfortable fit that prevents skin-to-skin contact.

The fabric is super soft and it’s moisture wicking properties make this bra liner especially comfortable for women recovering from breast surgery or breast cancer treatments.

  •  Suitable for most skin types.
  •  Fits under any bra band.
  •  Available in black or nude.
  • Cotton lining is sewn between layers of moisture management fabric.
  • The cups portions that fit into any existing bra help prevent skin-to-skin contact.
  • Flip up/flip down center tab allows flexibility with your clothing styles.
  • Most women use their bra liner for everyday wear to provide the most comfort and protection. Since it is essential to skin health to always wear a clean liner, many customers buy in bulk so they can always have one clean.
  • Perfect to wear with active wear or dressy wear.
  • Directions: This bra liner has no hook or gadget to keep it on. After putting on your bra, slip the liner underneath your bra, placing the top portion of the liner inside your bra cups and the tab centered between your breasts. Pull tab through, so it is lodged between the breasts.
  • Please Note: Size F will also accommodate G cups.
Sizes: A/B, C, D/DD, F/G